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Montana Patent

August 2020
Trademark Fraud Revisited

July 2020
New Trademark Rules for Meats and Cheeses

June 2020
The Definition of Inventorship in the Era of Magnus the Robot Fighter

June 2019
Who Wins the Battle of the Forms?

May 2019
Distributorships v. Sales Representative Agreements

February 2019
Who Makes the Rules Anyway?

December 2018
Music Modernization Act To Create a Worldwide Database of Songs

August 2018
All Eyes on TV: Fox News Win Benefits News Stations Across the Country

June 2018
Cryptomining...Montana's New Gold Rush?

March 2018
Online Retail Platforms Offer Swift Justice in Trademark Infringement Cases

January 2018
Don't Confuse That Cattle Brand With a Trademark

August 2017
Patent Scams Come in All Shapes and Forms

June 2017
Save Money at the Outset by Following These Trademark Tips

January 2017
Cottage Food and IP Laws: Special Considerations for Montana Food Producers

August 2016
Montana Patents—We've Got Some Catching Up To Do!

July 2016
Making Sense of International Designs

June 2016
Montana Crowdfunding Legislation Makes It Easier for Inventors and Startups To Attract Capital

February 2016
Calling All Women Inventors

January 2016
Federal Anti-Patent Troll Legislation Would Ensure Consistency Among the States, But Are We Throwing the Baby Out With the Bathwater?

December 2015
Billings, Montana: An Unlikely Mecca for Female Entrepreneurs

June 2015
A Message to the Montana Legislature: Conjunctions Matter

March 2015
The Licensing of Alcoholic Beverages in Montana
Part 3: Distilleries

February 2015
The Licensing of Alcoholic Beverages in Montana
Part 2: Breweries

January 2015
The Licensing of Alcoholic Beverages in Montana
Part 1: Wineries

December 2014
Body Art: Who Owns It?

October 2014
"Transformative" Uses Are Fair Game Under Copyright Law

August 2013
Supreme Court Gets It Right in Difficult Gene Case

June 2013
U.S. Supreme Court Follows Canada's Lead in Upholding Monsanto Patent on Genetically Modified Plants

March 2013
U.S. Supreme Court Deals a Blow to Copyright Owners With Foreign Licensees

January 2013
Canadian Ruling Against Dunkin' Donuts May Shock U.S. Franchisors Into Action

November 2012
Franchises May Offer Less Than Meets the Eye

September 2012
The First-to-File Advantage in Patent Infringement Litigation

July 2012
The Bakken Is Producing Not Only Oil But Also Creative Juices

May 2012
Experts Are as Liable as the Rest of Us

March 2012
Registering Your Intellectual Property With Customs & Border Protection

February 2012
Why Copyright Software?

January 2012
Fair Use Under U.S. Trademark Law

December 2011
Patent License Agreements Are Not as Straightforward as They Seem

November 2011
Patent Law Reform Finally Passes in the U.S.

October 2011
United We Fall, Divided We Stand: The Divided Infringement Defense

September 2011
Open Window For Blocking Adult Entertainment Sites From Using Your Trademark

August 2011
A Blow to Patent Trolls

July 2011
What's in a Name?

June 2011
Is Food Patentable?

May 2011
Price-Fixing Do's and Don't's

April 2011
Starting the Patent Process

March 2011
U.S. Senate Passes Major Patent Law Reform Bill

February 2011
What's Fair and What's Not in the Copyright World?

January 2011
The First Sale Doctrine and Implied License Rule Under U.S. Patent Law

December 2010
Committing Fraud on the Trademark Office: Let Me Count the Ways

November 2010
The Importance of Understanding What You Have Patented

October 2010
Canadian Federal Court Upholds Patentability of Business Methods

September 2010
The Pros and Cons of Nonpublication Requests

August 2010
Protecting Your Website Content

July 2010
U.S. Supreme Court Re-Opens the Door to Business Method Patents

June 2010
European Courts Signal an Opening for Software Patents

May 2010
The Protection of Architectural Works as Compilations of Individual Features

April 2010
Trademark Rules To Live By

March 2010
Is a "Naked" License Just a License Without Clothes?

February 2010
A Brief Overview of the Federal Trademark Registration Process

January 2010
A Checklist for the Acquisition of an Internet-Based Business

December 2009
Why Form an Entity to Hold Your Patent Rights?

November 2009
IP Audits: Uncovering the Dirty Little Secrets - Part 3

October 2009
IP Audits: Uncovering the Dirty Little Secrets - Part 2

September 2009
IP Audits: Uncovering the Dirty Little Secrets - Part 1

August 2009
Federal Trademark Law: Differences Between the Principal and Supplemental Registers

July 2009
The Stakes Have Been Raised for False Patent Markings

June 2009
Prior Use May Be a Defense to Patent Infringement in Certain Situations

May 2009
The Doctrine of Intervening Rights Under U.S. Patent Law

April 2009
Prosecution Highways: How They Work

March 2009
Guidelines for Software Patent Write-Ups

February 2009
Intellectual Property Protection for Plants

January 2009
Federal Circuit Rewrites Standard for Patentability of Processes

December 2008
Failure to Abide by Open Source License Constitutes Copyright Infringement

November 2008
Congress Bolsters Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

May 2007
Patent Law Reform: What It May Mean for Inventors

April 2007
Doing Business With Foreign Nationals—The Deemed Export Rule

March 2007
Microsoft-Novell Deal Raises Implications for Patent Licenses Based on Open Source Applications

February 2007
Montana's Senator Baucus Supports Allocating Resources for Increased Intellectual Property Protection

January 2007
Supreme Court Clears the Way for Licensees to Challenge Patents

December 2006
Patent License Agreement Term Sheet Questionnaire

November 2006
Open Source Code Survives Antitrust Challenge

October 2006
The Confidentiality of Your Federal Copyright Submission

September 2006
Computer Programs and Copyright

August 2006
IP Win for Baseball Fans

July 2006
Is a “Storyline” Patent a Figment of the Imagination?

June 2006
Recent Decision Signals Trend in Montana Case Law That Could be Disadvantageous for Montana’s New Economy

May 2006
Sorting Out the Rules on Patent Markings

April 2006
The Benefits of a Federal Trademark Registration

March 2006
IP Guidance for the General Practitioner - Part III

February 2006
IP Guidance for the General Practitioner - Part II

January 2006
IP Guidance for the General Practitioner - Part I

December 2005
The Saga of the Last Best Place

November 2005
Congress Rallies Behind IP Owners and Passes Tough New Laws Designed to Stop Counterfeiters

October 2005
Montana Adopts Security Breach Notification Law

September 2005
The Importance of Copyright Registrations in Protecting Your Copyrightable Works

August 2005
The Test for and Implications of Joint Authorship in a Copyrightable Work

July 2005
Covenants Not to Compete May Not Have the Bite You Think They Do

June 2005
Consider the Implications of Foreign Laws Before Sending a Cease and Desist Letter

May 2005
Negotiating the Landmine of Software Development Agreements

April 2005
Technology Reaches “Brave New World” Proportions—The Human Body as Broadband Connection

March 2005
Metatags—An Insidious Form of Trademark Infringement

February 2005
The Uncertain Fate of Software and Business Method Patents in Europe

January 2005
Certification Marks Are Different Than Trademarks But Enjoy the Same Benefits of Federal Registration

December 2004
Independent Contractors and Employees: A Trap for the Unwary

November 2004
First Convicted Spammers Face Jail Time and Criminal Fines

October 2004
Sun vs. Kodak Suit Underscores the Value of Software Patents and Heightens the Need for New Post-Grant Review Procedures

September 2004
Patent Term Extensions for Drug Products: How Do They Work?

August 2004
U.S. Patent Laws Provide Some Protection for U.S. Patent Holders Abroad

July 2004
Software Companies Cannot Rely on Traditional Commercial Liability Policies for Coverage in the Event of Software Failures

June 2004
Canadian Supreme Court Upholds Monsanto Patent on Herbicide-Resistance Gene and Extends Patent Protection to Plants Containing the Gene

May 2004
The Potential for Shareholder Liability Under the U.S. Copyright Act

April 2004
Events That Trigger the One-Year Grace Period Under U.S. Patent Law

March 2004
The Cross-Border Controversy Over the Patentability of Living Organisms

February 2004
The Truth in Domain Names Act: Criminal Punishment for Pornographic Cybersquatters

January 2004
The Visual Artists Rights Act: Beyond Copyright Law

December 2003
Design Protection for Boat Hulls: A New Form of Intellectual Property Protection

November 2003
Madrid Protocol: International Protection for Trademarks Is Now Available in the U.S.

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