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Media Quotes

Yellowstone Democrats: Patent Law Update (2016), Community Seven Television
"'I get to work with really creative people at the beginning of their venture, often even before they've formed a company. They have this idea, and they want to build a business around it. That contributes directly to economic development in the state of Montana.'"

Tease Patent Attorney (2016), Real FAQ's on NewsTalk730
"'I would say the reasons for protecting [inventors'] ideas are probably three-fold. One would be to deter competitors.... Another reason our clients seek patents would be to attract capital from investors and/or put the company in a position for acquisition.... A third reason would be to generate a licensing revenue stream.'"

PowerHouse Montana Featured Profile (2016), Women's Foundation of Montana
"'If I leave a mark at all, I hope it will be through my sons and what they bring to the world, but I also hope to be remembered by my clients as someone who was competent and delivered what she said she would.'"

Bright Ideas: For Billings Inventors, Patents Are Key in Security and Other Fields (2016), Billings Gazette
"Toni Tease, a Billings-based patent attorney, said she's seen a rising number of Montanans seeking to patent their inventions. They range from a new type of cloth training diaper, to dishware for camping and active users, to systems to manage traffic."

A Popular Twist on Putting Hair in Its Place (2012), The New York Times
"'I think this thing falls through the cracks of being protectable,' said Toni Tease, a patent lawyer in Billings, Mont."

Court Asked for Ruling in Diaper Patent Dispute (2012), Independent Record
"'...the deliberate withholding of this prior art information from the USPTO constitutes inequitable conduct on the part of Cotton Babies,' wrote Natural Baby attorney Antoinette Tease."

Dino Castings Dispute Ends; Key Issue Unresolved (2012), Billings Gazette
"'There was no agreement concerning the validity of these copyrights,' Tease said. 'That issue was not resolved and this case was settled prior to the hearing on that motion.'"

Judge Orders Talks in Montana Dinosaur Dispute (2011), Billings Gazette
"'The total number of bones we're talking about, it's an absolute minuscule percentage of the entire t-rex skeleton,' Tease said. 'They want $22 million for not even the real bones but casts of the bones that are inside the skull.'"

Ready, Aim, Pull (2010), Yellowstone Valley Woman
"'Whenever I meet with a patent client,' explains Toni, 'I need to undestand the mechanics of the invention. I took up shooting because I wanted to understand the sport of shooting, not just academically, but why people do it - why it's fun.'"

People to Watch (2008), Montana Business & Technology
"MSU-Billings is building a patent portfolio. It's absoulutely thrilling...."

Billings Patent Attorney Protects Your Bright Ideas (2008), Billings Gazette
"I get to work with creative people, bright people, entrepreneurs. They're energetic and they're driven."

Small-Scale Work Is a Huge Step for MSU Billings (2007), MSU Billings News Release
"It meant a tremendous amount to me to work on this," said Tease, whose intellectual property work ranges from mechanical devices to antibiotics to software. "I am a patent attorney because of MSU Billings."

Legally Speaking: What GPLv3 Means for the Microsoft-Novell Pact (2007), ITBuisnessEdge
"The GPLv3 purports only to bind parties that is governed by the GPLv3 or a derivative work thereof. Unless Microsoft itself is distributing Linux, it would not be governed by the GPLv3. Rather, the GPLv3 as currently drafted would impose an obligation on Novell to somehow "sheild" its customers from patent lawsuits brought by Microsoft, or, alternatively, to make the source code publicy available...."

A Non–Traditional Approach to Marketing (2007), The Complete Lawyer
"I like to ask questions and listen to people talk about what motivates them––inventors are particularly passionate about pursuing their ideas."

Intellectual Property Attorney Practices Worldwide from Billings (2006), Community Crossroads
"In 2001 [Toni] went to work in-house for a Montana software development company.  'I wanted to understand the business as well as the legal issues these companies face,' Toni explains, 'so I could be a better advisor to them.  And there’s no doubt in my mind that I am a better advisor as a result of that experience."

Trademark issues grow more common - Montana companies find legal woes as they spread beyond state's borders (2005), Missoulian
"More Montana companies are applying for federal trademarks. Also, Montana companies aided by the Internet have pushed beyond the state's boundaries.  That increases the potential for conflict with regional, national and international companies, said Toni Tease, a Billings-based intellectual property attorney. Tease teaches continuing education classes for lawyers on intellectual property issues."

Code Name: Trouble (2004), ABA Journal
". . . code borrowing could create a copyright nightmare.  'The short answer is that it's never right to copy code without permission,' says Toni Tease, former chief counsel and now outside counsel for the Rocky Mountain Technology Group, a software developer in Billings, Mont. Code is copyrighted to its creators 'from the moment they write it unless it's done as work for hire. Then, their employer owns it.'"

Montana Company Accused of Using Swiss Firm's Name: Allegedly Cheats an Egyptian Business Woman (1997), Helena Independent Record
"Our goal in seeking a preliminary injunction was two-fold," said Toni Tease, a Billings attorney representing Credit Suisse First Boston. "First to protect additional members of the public that might be defrauded and secondly to protect our reputation, the value of our trademark and the good will associated with that trademark."

Montana Patent

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